Value Engineering & Consulting

Are you getting the best value on your project? Are there less expensive products or materials on the market? Would we invest our own money this way? Unlike firms that simply cut scope, R&R focuses on delivering value appropriate solutions for your project.

R&R’s professional estimators are accustomed to knowing where to look to find value engineering savings, we do this through two methods. Firstly, products and materials can be substituted with alternatives that have similar aesthetics, performance characteristics and warranties. Secondly, R&R conducts an in-depth review to analyze alternative methods for constructing the project with regard to building assemblies, construction techniques, phasing and new industry technologies.

In the event that the project’s budget goals have not been met after the value engineering process, R&R can advise strategic areas of the project to reduce or redesign in order to meet the client’s financial goals. Alternatively, the possibility of looking at how a project can be phased is another avenue for getting the project or part thereof off of the ground.

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