Block K Update

January 18, 2019

Even with recent rain delays and the holidays, the Block K project is still on schedule. Also, the project has a near-perfect safety record and almost unexplained cleanliness.

Although the building is connected, it has a west and a south building. The west building is slightly ahead with the roof framed and mechanical pads in place.  The south building is erected to the roof however no mechanical pads are in place.  The bottom two floors are 100% complete of trade installation rough-in at both buildings.  Progress on the 3rd floor is approximately 80%  trade rough-in completion and the 4th floor close behind.   A few finish details that could have been issues have become opportunities to develop relationships with both the owner and architect and have become functional and pleasingly atheistic details of the project. Stucco lathe and window installation are also underway with all associated inspections easily passing due to our subcontractors R&R team.

We are excited about this project and look forward to the end product.

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