Phil’s BBQ Remodel Update

In a few short weeks, much progress has been made on the Phil’s BBQ Sports Arena Boulevard remodel.

The re-roofing, bathroom expansion, epoxy flooring in the kitchen, roll up doors, and dining room touch-ups have all been completed. The new bar area is still in progress but is coming along nicely. Check out the progress photos on our Facebook page.

Phil's BBQ Remodel Update

Block K Update!

Even with recent rain delays and the holidays, the Block K project is still on schedule. Also, the project has a near-perfect safety record and almost unexplained cleanliness.

Although the building is connected, it has a west and a south building. The west building is slightly ahead with the roof framed and mechanical pads in place.  The south building is erected to the roof however no mechanical pads are in place.  The bottom two floors are 100% complete of trade installation rough-in at both buildings.  Progress on the 3rd floor is approximately 80%  trade rough-in completion and the 4th floor close …

Block K Update!

Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation

A groundbreaking ceremony for a new project, Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation, will take place today.

This Escondido project will include a 2,659 square foot wood framed multi-purpose building, site grading, and parking lot expansion, new water service and stormwater detention basins, and hardscape and landscaping. This expansion will allow them to accommodate the needs of the congregation. Check out the article from the Union-Tribune here. Stay tuned for updates on the progression of this project.

Photo was taken from The Times-Advocate article, here.

Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation